Optimizing Your Capital Structure

Strategic Advisors, acting as advisor and placement agent, assists business owners in obtaining various forms of financing. Through years of capital raising experience, we have the resources and national network to provide each client a customized financial package tailored to its needs, size, and financial strength. Our team is experienced in assisting its clients in obtaining debt from traditional sources, such as banks and insurance companies, as well as specialized forms of senior debt, subordinated debt, and private equity capital from non-traditional sources. Strategic Advisors helps clients:

  • Refinance existing credit facilities
  • Provide capital for expansion
  • Finance acquisitions
  • Facilitate balance sheet restructurings
  • Provide liquidity to owners
  • Facilitate wealth transfers
  • Provide private equity

Since the financing does not involve a public offering, it can be accomplished in an efficient, cost-effective manner with terms structured to address the issuer’s needs. Consider some of the advantages:

  • Confidentiality: Our process is designed to keep proprietary information secure
  • Customized Structures: Flexible terms and covenants are tailored to meet specific needs
  • Less Expensive: Transaction costs are a fraction of the expense for a public issue
  • Efficiency: By utilizing our process, the client’s management downtime is minimal
  • Value-Added Process: Attractive pricing and terms, on both debt issues and equity investment, are obtained through a competitive bidding process
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